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SportJoe is a network for sports enthusiasts. For YOU. For YOUR community. Find sports partners or teams in your area and train together. Free of charge. No ads. No subscription. No fuss. 100% sports community.

How it works DOING SPORTS - TOGETHER has never been easier

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Creating teams COMMUNITY - BUILDING has never been easier

  1. 1 Create teams Organize your team and create events within
  2. 2 Private teams For members only: Only visible to your closed community.
  3. 3 Invite members Invite people to train together in your team
  4. 4 Use our video tool Flexible training with the video tool. Together. Anytime. Everywhere.
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Creating Networks CONNECTING SPORTSPEOPLE has never been easier

Newsletter We will inform you quarterly about exciting sports events, new features, communities, partners, competitions and much more.